The LSAT Logical Reasoning Process

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The LSAT Logical Reasoning Process

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Struggling with the LR section of the LSAT? Always getting stuck between two answers and picking the wrong one?

You've come to the right book! 

This guide will show you how to approach the toughest LR questions, smoothly analyze the question, and quickly proceed to the right answer every time. Once you finish this guide, those tricky assumption or match flaw questions will be a piece of cake!

How can I be so confident that this guide will help? Well, it contains the exact strategies that I used to get a 175 on my own LSAT, and have used to help my tutoring clients get 170+ on their own LSATs. Just check out the reviews on my Google page!

5 stars for every review!


1. What's included with this guide?

A bunch of difficult LR questions adapted from official LSAT questions, along with answers and, most importantly, detailed, step-by-step approaches for tackling each question, from the first moment you see the question to when you pick the right answer.

2. What can I expect after completing this guide?

Once you've mastered every question in this guide, you'll be equipped to complete untimed LR sections with only 1 or 2 questions incorrect per section. Of the questions you get wrong, you'll be able to understand not only how you were supposed to do the question, but how you were supposed to know how to do those questions.

From there, it's only a matter of some drilling to be able to score the same on timed LR sections and your practice tests.

3. Why is this guide better than other Logical Reasoning guides?

Other LR guides tend to make you do a bunch of drills, then memorize a bunch of formal logic rules, and only then show you some easy LR questions that happen to agree with the drills they made you do.

As I've seen time and time again with my students, this just results in people being overwhelmed and lost when it comes to actual difficult LR questions. You don't need 50 million strategies for every sort of variation of LR question that might come up.

You just need a singular process that you can rely on over and over again. One that's battle-worn, time-tested, and guaranteed to work on every sort of LR question. That's what you get with this book.

4. Why is there a pineapple on the cover?

I've accepted endorsement money from the tropical fruit lobby.

"I have seen incredible, rapid improvement through using only this book. At the time of my diagnostic I was getting maybe 20% of Logical Reasoning (LR) questions correct, but after only a few study sessions implementing Trevor's formula for breaking down LR questions, I was getting 95% of questions correct. Studying is so much more enjoyable when you're actually making progress."

-Marlena Crandall, LSAT studier

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