Guide for the Overwhelmed: ARE Exam 2, Project Management

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A 48 page guide containing exactly what you'll need to know for the ARE Exam 2, Project Management, based off of reports from actual test-takers.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the NCARB's recommended resources (41 books and counting), this guide is for you.

It contains clear language, informative diagrams, and realistic practice problems with detailed explanations. If you learn what this guide has to teach, you will pass Project Management.

The ARE doesn't have to be so intimidating. You just need a guide!

"The way that different sections got broken down in your guide was very helpful, as well as what was needed to be memorized vs. understood."

-Ricardo Belliard, architect 

Here's a preview of the Guide for ARE Exam 2, Project Management:

Sample section

Here are some links to the Guides for the other parts of the ARE exam:

Practice Management

Programming and Analysis

Project Planning and Design

Project Development and Documentation

Construction and Evaluation

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Guide for the Overwhelmed: ARE Exam 2, Project Management

1 rating
I want this!