The GMAT Sentence Correction Process

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Are you a fluent English speaker who's struggling with Sentence Correction? Do you usually just go with whichever answer "sounds right", rather than following a step-by-step process to find the right answer?

This guide is for you! Written by a GMAT tutor who scored 99th percentile in verbal on the GMAT (47V), it shows a clear, step-by-step process to getting the right answer on any SC question.

In this guide, I present the approach, explain the grammar rules that the GMAT cares about (hint: not necessarily the same as normal English), then present and fully explain 50+ tricky SC questions that illustrate the approach. By the end of this guide, you'll be an SC master.

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Other SC guides tend to take the approach that "more is better". So, they present you with a ton of grammar rules and idioms to memorize, then ask you to apply all those rules to each question you encounter.

This is a misguided approach. First of all, it's an incredibly overwhelming way to approach SC. If you have to think about every single grammar rule before every single SC question, you'll have a tough time. Second of all, it misses the part of SC that's all about meaning. Difficult SC questions don't just test grammar, they test the way that grammar can convey meaning in a sentence.

That's why this guide focuses on meaning first, and leverages the grammar you already know as a native English speaker to limit the amount of grammar you need to memorize. This makes the process in this guide simpler to follow, and a lot more effective.


After mastering all the questions in this guide, you'll be able to complete any SC question untimed and confidently get the right answer (barring any careless errors). Once you practice the process a bit on timed sets and practice tests, you'll be ready to do the same on the real thing!


Funny story, that. I'll explain it sometime.

"After scoring lower than I expected on a practice test even after using traditional review books, I found this book, which broke down the questions into clear and understandable sections and explained a process for answering each question. It was incredibly helpful for me to learn and practice this process so I could approach GMAT questions with confidence. I’m very happy to found this book and recommend to anyone looking to improve their GMAT Verbal score!"

-Terence Burke, GMAT studier

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The GMAT Sentence Correction Process

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