The LSAT Reading Comprehension Process

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Hey, do you have trouble making your way through LSAT Reading passages? Do you feel like you're just "not good at reading"?

You've come to the right book! This book shows the exact process needed to carve your way through even the toughest RC passages. You'll get the right answer every time.

How can I be so confident that this book will help you? Well, this is the exact process I used to score a 175 on my own LSAT, as well as help dozens of tutoring clients score in the 160s and 170s on their LSATs. I didn't get my 5 star review on Google for nothing!

Five stars on every review!



Most test prep books teach the following strategy: read the whole passage, take detailed notes, and try to understand every piece of what's going on. Then, apply those notes to the questions, taking special note of the language in the answer choices. Yada yada yada.

This is not a good strategy for RC. Now, it works fine for people who write test prep books, as they already know the passages by the time they write their books. But, it doesn't work for students, who get only a few precious minutes to tackle ridiculously long, difficult passages, and can't afford to take detailed notes on some line that might not even show up in the questions.

This book isn't written from the perspective of a test prep instructor. It's written from a student's perspective, from someone who took the LSAT, struggled with RC, and eventually overcame it to score a 175. This book respects your time: both in terms of what you get out of the book, and in terms of the limited time you get for each LSAT RC question. 


Once you've mastered the questions in this book, you can expect to be able to fluently proceed through any Reading Comprehension passage on the LSAT with no pauses or hesitations. Once you've solidified the process on a few timed sections from Khan, you'll be able to consistently go through entire practice tests and only get one or two questions wrong on RC.


I couldn't find a better place to put him.

"The LSAT Reading Comprehension Process is a great value and very underrated especially compared to other LSAT prep books on the market. I would highly recommend it, especially after having bought other prep books which are way more convoluted, needlessly long and expensive compared to this one."

-Elijah Geltman, LSAT studier

M. K. Hl, LSAT studier

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The LSAT Reading Comprehension Process

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